Connecting Students to the World

Professional Development from Asia Education Foundation

October 19th 2015

 An interesting day for connecting with teachers in schools (who were the main participants in the course and for whom it was aimed). Teachers from schools throughout Sydney and the north coast (25 participants) reported on how they have gone about connecting their school students to other students throughout Asia. For example, St Peter’s Catholic Campus in Maitland was one of the schools participating in the BRIDGE program where teachers have been sponsored by the Asia Education Foundation to visit a remote school in Indonesia and stay in the village for a homestay. Students at the school are taught Indonesian and skype sessions (when the technology is available in the Indonesian school) have taken place. One primary school, North Sydney Demonstration School, is taking a group of about 30 students and parents on a trip to a connected school in China. The BRIDGE program has assisted in setting up the connection between the schools and will assist with some funding from the Asia Education Foundation.

Different technologies that could assist in setting up connections between schools were demonstrated and examples were shown. This was useful for our students at UoN to show ways of connecting with students across the world.

 Overall the day was most useful for networking (teachers with teachers) and learning about new technologies that could be used in schools to connect students globally.

Debbie Bradbery