Researching and teaching Intercultural Understanding with Professor Ken Cushner from Kent State University (April 2016).

GERT with Ken

Dr Kenneth Cushner with the members of the GERT team


Developing Intercultural Competence in Teachers and Children: Challenges for Researchers and Educators

Professor Emeritus Ken Cushner from Kent State University in Ohio visited the University of Newcastle at the invitation of the School of Education Global Education Research and Teaching team in Week 6 beginning 11th April. He gave lectures to undergraduate students at Callaghan and Ourimbah campus around international education, global education, developing intercultural competence and teaching internationally and on Friday 15th April he was the keynote speaker for the STARR postgraduate conference where he spoke on “Developing Intercultural Competence in Teachers and Children: Challenges for Researchers and Educators”. He worked with the GERT group to enhance our skills and resources for developing Intercultural Competence with preservice teachers, teachers and their students.


Professor Cushner currently directs the new international student teaching initiative for the ECIS global network of 400+ international schools in 90 countries. He is author and editor of many books and articles in the field of intercultural relations and education. He has taught in schools in Switzerland, Australia and the United States, and has travelled with young people and teachers on all seven continents. A former East-West Center scholar in Hawaii, Dr. Cushner is a Founding Fellow and Past-President of the International Academy for Intercultural Research as well as a Fulbright Scholar to Sweden and Poland. Key publications include: Human Diversity in Education: An Intercultural Approach (8th ed., 2015); From the Margins to the Mainstream: Enhancing Social Awareness in the Social Studies Classroom (2014); Reading between the Lines: Activities for Developing Social Awareness Literacy (2014); Intercultural Student Teaching: A Bridge to Global Competence (2007); Human Diversity in Action: Developing Multicultural Competencies for the Classroom (3rd ed., 2006); and Beyond Tourism: A Practical Guide to Meaningful Educational Travel (2004).