Pre-service teacher perspectives on the importance of global education

Ferguson-Patrick, K., Macqueen, S., & Reynolds, R. (2014). Pre-service teacher perspectives on the importance of global education: world and classroom views. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 20(4), 470-482.

T&TIn an era of international multimedia exposure and a global economy, there is noquestion that global education (GE) must be part of the school curriculum. Effec-tive delivery of GE is reliant on adequate teacher preparation. A group of teacher educators at one University sought to raise the profile of GE with pre-serviceteachers through the integration of global perspectives in various courses. This paper explores pre-service teacher perceptions of the importance of GE and their learning as a result of this emphasis. Additionally, pre-service teacher prefer-ences for further learning about GE are examined. It is apparent that pre-serviceteachers are interested in GE, especially in terms of how they can incorporate it in their teaching and, with exposure over a number of semesters student under-standings develop, creating better prepared teachers of GE. Not surprisingly,these students were primarily focused on their future classroom practices rather than their role in the world more generally. Additionally, it was clearly evident that unique GE approaches were linked to specific teaching disciplines, an indi-cation that GE continues to be a difficult concept to incorporate without explicit guidance for integration, something not always easy in a university setting.

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