Publications for Teachers: Growing up globally

GERT book launch_1

The Global Education Research and Teaching Team launched their new book of global education focussed units of work for primary schools at the international Global Learning Equity Network Symposium on the 11th March 2016. The eight units address “big picture ideas” such as Change and Citizenship while addressing current Australian and NSW curriculum outcomes and Global Education focuses such as Sustainable Futures and Social Justice and Human Rights. The title of the teaching units is Growing up Globally. Teaching global education in primary classrooms. The NSW Professional Teachers’ Council has contributed much to our work by supporting us with funds over a five year period to work with preservice teachers; and they have supported us to write these teaching units for primary schools. Many thanks to Kim Tsolakis, Director of the Global Perspectives Project NSW, who had the vision, Jill Sillar who worked on design and layout of the units and David Browne who made it accessible to a wide audience.

GERT book launch_4


Global education means different things to different people but in Hanvey’s (1976) seminal schema for attaining a global perspective, Perspective Consciousness (appreciation of the fact that one’s own view of the world is not necessarily the same as that of someone else) and Awareness of Human Choices (awareness of one’s own cultural perspective) came the idea that global education is about developing globally minded world citizens who work with and for others. As the Melbourne Declaration argued:

As well as knowledge and skills a school’s legacy to young people should include national values of democracy, equity and justice and personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience and respect for others (MCEETYA, 2008, p. 5).

We hope that these units will assist primary teachers prepare students who can do just this.

An introduction and sample pages of the book may be viewed here, and the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW reported the book launch here.