(left to right) Jo Brown, Ruth Reynolds, Kate Ferguson-Patrick, Debra Donnelly, & Suzanne Macqueen collaborating on a book chapter.

Members of the GERT team research the effectiveness of incorporating various aspects of Global Education in Curriculum and Pedagogy. Their research focus aligns with Australian government research priorities as established by the Australian Strategic Research (ARC) group. Specifically GERT aligns itself with the priorities of Living in a changing environment and Securing Australia’s place in a changing world. 

Living in a changing environment
Research outcomes will identify strategies to develop resilient natural (ecosystems) and human environments (people, communities and their utilities and industry) that can all thrive in a changing environment.

Securing Australia’s place in a changing world
Research outcomes will identify ways to improve Australia’s capacity to deliver national security and identify the means by which personal security in Australia will be safeguarded. This challenge should be considered in the context of global uncertainty and changes in the Asia Pacific region.

Research strategy:GERT coordinate a number of research foci following particular interests of our members.

  • History: The Australian curriculum focus on Australia history in a global context and the tenets of global education in primary and secondary history.
  • Professional Experience:  Pre-service teacher incorporation of global perspectives both in  planning for school practice and  teaching in schools.
  • Literacy: Global education as a fundamental aspect of literacy from  tutor and pre service teacher  perspectives.
  • Academic self-study: A study of the development of global educators.
  • ICT: iPads, Twitter, Infographics as tools of global education and global citizenship. Assessment of global citizenship using ICT.
  • Intercultural competency
  • Cross-cultural narrativeNarratives of environment/sustainability experiences from local and international students
  • Educating for Sustainability: Sustaining sustainability: Preservice Teachers teach Sustainability and Narratives of environment/sustainability experiences from local and international students.
  • Cooperative learning and Democracy classrooms as forms of pedagogy to enhance global citizenship and intercultural awareness
Dr Ruth Reynolds leads a research team meeting.

Dr Ruth Reynolds leads a research team meeting.

Research Grants, Fellowships

2020-Success from the Perspective of the Successful: Low SES Students, Success and Completion in Higher Education $324,311 Funding body: Department of Education and Training- With Dr Suzanne Macqueen

2019- SNAPP Faculty of Education & Arts Research grant-Cooperative Learning for Intercultural Understanding $5,000 CI Dr Kate Ferguson-Patrick

2017- Kambala School, Sydney Futures teaching $5,454

2016 Travel Grant awarded to Ruth Reynolds from. International Assembly of National Council for Social Studies for annual conference, Washington DC. $500 USD.

2016 New Colombo mobility plan. Student travel to Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai schools with Asia Education Foundation. $49,950.

2016 Ourimbah strategic research grant. Intercultural Education. $1000 AUD.

2016 Confucius Fellow- Ruth Reynolds. Central Normal University to Wuhan. Global Education and 21st Century Teaching. $10,000

2014 – 2015: Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Erica Southgate, Ms Suzanne Macqueen, Dr Mark Rubin, Ms Heather Douglas. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education: Equity groups and predictors of academic success in higher education.     $55 000

2010-2015: NSW Professional Teachers’ Council.   $150,000

2013-14: School of Education – Seed project funding.  $16,000

2012-2015: Consultancy in teaching and research at local and national levels   $24,000

2009-2010: Reynolds, R. M., Vinterek, M. Learning to be Global Citizens: a comparative study, National Council for the Social Studies (USA).     $1,674

2010-2012: Hartman, D., Clay, V., Donnelly, D. J., & Martin, M. Gosford High School, Building on our Strengths, Motivation and Engagement in Year 9 and 10, Gosford High School.  Exploring empowerment and student voice in learning – speaking to issues of democratic classroom, inclusivity and social justice.     $15,500

Key words: PhD students PhD students University of Newcastle PhD Global Education PhD supervision PhD Supervisors University of Newcastle PhD Cooperative Learning PhD Environmental Education PhD History Education PhD Elementary Education PhD Social Justice PhD Intercultural Understanding PhD Children’s Literature PhD Citizenship Education PhD Global Citizenship PhD